There are approximately 2.4 BILLION people in India/China give or take a hundred million. There standard of living is far below that of the industrialized west -- but rising as fast as they can manage, which is pretty damned fast. As their GDPs rise, so does there demand for oil. Seeing as there are NINE times as many of them as there are of us, try to imagine what that does to overal world demand. And our refineries have to buy oil on the world markets. And speaking of world markets, all the saber ratteling by the Republicans over Iran isn't helping the oil markets, always twitchy and jittery in the best of times. And the Republican candidates all seem to want war with Iran. Without raising taxes. AND WITHOUT REGARD TO WHAT THE EFFECT ON OIL PRICES WOULD BE. I find it immensely amusing that the ones blaming Obama for price fluctuations beyond his control - the whole world is twitchy over Iran and its nuclear program - are the ones who want to vote for the guys who will send gasoline prices into the stratosphere if they do want they say they will do. If you want misery squared, then go ahead and vote Republican. They will impose the austerity measures that are destroying southern European economies, start a war they won't raise any taxes to pay for while simultaneously shutting down the fed so they can't borrow to pay for it so they'll have to furlough hundreds of thousands of federal workers to pay for the war, further depressing the economy -- at the same time their war drives gas prices into the stratosphere. So vote for the idiots if you want to -- just when all hell breaks lose, don't cry you weren't warned.

Mar 1, 2012 12:05 PM


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