*shakes head in disgust*..."If Americans actually listened to the veterans that they claim to respect so much their attitude would change. The thing is Americans want to honor the veterans in a very cursory way, putting a yellow sticker on their car, having a little parade or welcoming them back. They don't want to honor them by actually listening to what they have to say"...."They can no longer use this redirect of support the troops, because what the troops are telling you both in Iraq(oh but we have pulled out of Iraq...note this quote was 2 years before we "pulled out" of Iraq thank you) and Afghanistan is they don't want to be part of this they want to come home."...We are not tools for the government to use so they can "spread their agenda", we are patriots ensuring the continuance of the Constitution. We put our lives on the line so that those rights you hold so dear are guaranteed, and you repay us by GIVING THEM AWAY!

Feb 29, 2012 9:18 PM


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