they already took my house. and im crippled. and getting evicted. now what. yes i already complained to the disability advocates. they are investigating. can yall hurry this up please? and is the inspector general DONE investigating my identity social security medical identity and disability file yet?! i cant get yall to pick up the phone :( and yes i have the recipt number for the ftc. I DONT HAVE MEDICAL BENEFITS nor can theyfix the bogus warrants thrown into iton my nc aware file tiill SOMEONE finished the investigation. dr michal k nunn, new bern nc. christian care nursing homes...through a forged power of atty by my father john t alter, whipsering pines nc who did this and stole my business and threw me in his nirsing home after my ca r wreck, carthage nc 2003. (2 llcs one madeleines fed registered ohio with two trust accts to madelina and marcella alter) and love to eat llc registered in nc. hes running a massive money laundering scam with my businesses and old ss number. want my ss number? i have 8 false identities now. its so breached i dont mind putting it on facebook. and yes, ive called the state and filed police reports. noone is doing ANYTHING. for 3 years...iv heard..."its under investigation" ( pete krupp da raleigh nc and melissa goodwin, so pines nc) well hurry up cuz im gonna be homeless and dead soon. thank you. sincerely kristin mare alter (aka christine m verchio an active identity still being used by someone and VOTING REPUBLICAN in ohio, kris alter in greenville nc ( using my hud sec 8 energy assistance voc rehab and medicade benefits in nc.) et al. ( i supposedly live in my brothers old house in avon lake AND own a house in chicago illinois. geneva i think. who knows its all bogus. i live in west end nc. and im DYING because of this and am gonna end up on the streets ...again. and then im REALLY gonna be unhappy. 5/2/66 ill email yall the ss number.

Mar 6, 2012 4:43 PM


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